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Environmentally friendly LED lamps and LED luminaires

Two compelling arguments for LED lighting:


The use of energy-saving lighting with the help of LED lamps is a simple measure for companies and consumers to drastically reduce their own energy costs by 60-90%. At the same time, each individual makes an important contribution to the nationwide energy reduction, which will continue like an avalanche as more and more people say goodbye to old-fashioned light sources and decide for the use of clean, cost-reducing LED light sources.

1LED luminaires and LED lamps do not contain any harmful substances that turn out to be hazardous to health during use or after later disposal, thus leaving our descendants with an almost unmanageable problem of groundwater contamination.

LED light sources offer further advantages:

There are several advantages to replacing existing lamps. Why use an LED luminaire?

Vorteil led LED luminaires provide light immediately at full power. It does not require a warm-up phase during which you are in semi-darkness.

Vorteil led LED luminaires are suitable for use in atmospheric lighting, as their light ranges from bright as day to cosily warm, just as you need it.

Vorteil led LED lamps are flicker-free and hum-free

Vorteil led LED lighting is easy on the eyes

Vorteil led LED lamps are long-lasting

Vorteil led LED luminaires are insensitive to vibrations

Vorteil led LED luminaires can be used in the home, in the garden, at the workplace, in garages and production facilities.

Vorteil led LED luminaires do not contain mercury (conventional energy-saving lamps can emit mercury vapours* into the room air even at normal room temperature).

Vorteil led LED luminaires protect sales goods from fading

Vorteil led Further advantages of LED

Energy saving calculator for LED lamps

energie sparen led technik

With all these points, LED luminaires are future-oriented lighting devices that can be used immediately. Simply to replace and the environmentally friendly energy-saving future can begin in your rooms. After a short time, you will be able to read on your electricity meter that the conversion has paid off. Whereas you used to consume 25 watts with a conventional light bulb, with LED-based lamps you only need 3 watts with unrestricted performance. Calculated over the year, you save money through lower electricity consumption.

You want facts and figures?

You are one of those people who question critically, otherwise you would not be looking for a better lighting option that gives you plenty of scope for design and places of use. Then use our energy-saving calculator to work out your own personal consumption and the savings you can make. That way, you know in advance how much more you will have in your wallet later. Not to mention the good feeling you will have when you have done your part to protect the environment by simply replacing the lamps.

Our energy seal for environmentally conscious management

led kaufen siegel Our LED luminaires bear the energy seal because LED luminaires and LED lamps make a major contribution to CO2 reduction. You can also use this seal! We offer it in various sizes for inclusion on your website so that all your visitors can see how important the use of quality in connection with environmental protection and energy efficiency is for you. If you wish, we can also calculate your individual reduction in CO2 emissions.

We advise and support the conversion to LED lighting

Of course, we will be happy to advise you on the many possible applications of LED lighting, from use in the living room, in the bathroom to motion detectors. Companies and municipalities have already partially retrofitted and production facilities, offices or underground garages, sales areas appealingly and successfully with us. LED luminaires offer all possibilities of colour design and can also be used everywhere as a design tool.

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*Mercury is one of the most toxic substances that can be stored in the human body and lead to severe physical sequelae and even death.